Monday, February 20, 2012

Short, sweet, and sandy

Love these boys! Chris is the assistant coach for Parker'ssoccer team, WolfPack. We're about ready to start up thisseason, so I'm sure you will see more lime green and black! Go Wolfpack! I had to throw this one in first with soccer freshon my mind. Soccer season starts this week.

Now on to the summer vacay of 2011....
Our family went to Florida for a much-deserved, and much-anticipated week of fun in the sun. What a great time we had watching our kiddos experience so many new things, and seeing the joy in their eyes and laughter in their hearts! Unforgettable memories that I hope to soon replicate.

On to the good to prove it!

1st day on the beach

Snack break!

Would you look at that beach hair...he's meant
to be a beach bum. I would gladly join him!

Love this picture of my sweet girl. :)

Reese, not knowing what to think about the ocean.

Parker's cool shades.

My beautiful and amazing Mom!

Parker, Reese, and Mimi
I believe it's safe to assume that Reese was finished with pictures at this point, but I love it of Parker and my mom.

The kids with Nana and Poppy! How lucky were they to have two grandmas and a grandpa there? (We were pretty lucky to have that also. ;-)

And goodbye to Florida until we meet again....hoping it's not too long. Maybe next time with be Disney... sounds exhausting, but sure to be a blast as well.

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