Monday, March 16, 2009

Reese's Peaches

Hooray for Spring Break!!! It's finally here. The long-awaited week long break that I have been so desperately needing.  We have many fun things planned, but nothing that requires us to travel too far from home. My main goal is to spend time with my children...and not clean my house, which is almost impossible to do. So, instead of cleaning right now I decided to post some pictures of my precious babies while they are napping....who knows how long that will last!
On to the title of this entry ....

Reese had her first taste of "food." I will let you be the judge of whether or not she likes peaches. 

This is our happy little Reese prior to her first

A little apprehensive, but I'll try it....

...and then the fun begins...

She still isn't too keen on peaches, but everything else she seems to like. 

Reese is 5 months old as of March 10th! She is such a delight.

I was in their way while they were trying to watch 
Imagination Movers on a Saturday morning! They both 
leaned to the side. Reese even spit out her pacifier.

Parker is my little artist. He loves painting...and soccer, 
so I will take some pics of him playing soon.

My sweet babies.

Always smiling

I still have cute Valentine pictures that I haven't posted. I guess better late than never, but I'll wait and see if time and uh, children, permit. I hope you all are enjoying the weather and having a great time outdoors with your family.