Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beaver's Bend 2008

So I guess I am joining the world of bloggers. I thought this would be the perfect way to share photos and events of Parker and his new sister. (expected in mid October) First I suppose I should introduce my family. The picture above is Chris, Parker and me (Deidra) from our vacation last summer in Destin. Parker is a year older now, but we don't have many family photo shots that I like as well.

We recently went to Beaver's Bend in Oklahoma for vacation. We had a great time. Parker had a lot of firsts while we were there....tubing (slowly with his daddy), playing miniature golf and riding a train. I will just add some pictures below from the vacation, as well as a couple of random pictures from this summer.

Parker and Daddy on the tube.

Parker with lake hair!

Passed out on the boat.

Parker and his best bud Grant at Gattitown.

Leo, our goldendoodle, cooling off in Parker's pool.

Parker wearing his Japanese warrior costume
Aunt Tay brought him from Japan.