Sunday, December 7, 2008

Back to work for mommy

I'd planned to post new pics a long....time ago, but read my title again...need I say more. I went back to work Dec. 1st. It's actually been a fairly easy transition for all of us, but that's only because we have so many wonderful and supportive people in our life. Chris and I are incredibly blessed to have our children taken care of by their Mimi and Nana while we are at work. They sacrifice so much to make sure that our kids are cared for, loved and especially spoiled! :) We wouldn't want it any other way. 

The kids are doing great. Parker did have a little hiccup a few weeks ago. He busted his chin open during Sunday school, but luckily it could be Dermabonded instead of stitched. It has healed nicely. Reese will be 2 months old Wednesday. As usual, time is going by too quickly. Reese has had a stuffy nose for the last week, but other than that she is sleeping and eating like a pro. She is starting to smile more, which melts our hearts every time. Parker got a haircut this week and now looks like a big boy.  He's been so great with Reese. Not one single time has he acted jealous or "neglected." (like he would ever have a MOMENT of neglect!) He always wants to make sure that Reese is taken care of and getting plenty of kisses from her big brother.

I've added a few more pictures below. There are plenty more, but I will add those later. We are still trying to take some pics for our Christmas such luck yet. We'll see if we get those out this year! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!  ( Just a wish for you in case I don't make it back here for another month!!)

You can see a glimmer of a smile here. They are becoming
more and more abundant! :)

Reese with her new purple bow. She's my sweet girl!

Parker playing in the leaves. He loves running and
jumping in the leaves.

My sweet Parker Pie.