Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Breakin'!!

It's been 7 months since the last post, so I don't even know where to start. Unfortunately, many of our pictures were deleted from our hard drive, including Reese's 1st birthday pictures! Ugh! But, being the proactive planner that I am, I have them copied somewhere on a CD. Keyword: somewhere...

It seems a little strange that the weather is so nice out and yet I am inside posting pictures of Christmas and snow. But, this has been the area of my life that has been put on the back burner so that I can spend more time enjoying my kiddos. Since I am home alone right now, yes alone, I thought this would be a great time to attempt a comeback!

Parker and Reese are with their Nana and Poppy today in Palestine, TX riding a train at The Texas State Railroad. Parker has quite a fascination with trains, and has been looking forward to this trip a little like Christmas morning. I miss them, but I know they are having a blast.

Here are some pictures starting with my 30th, yes 30th, birthday. There are only a few family pics! I won't be posting pics of my actual birthday night out with friends! ;)

My sweet babies. I am so very blessed!

Reese just couldn't resist taking a swipe at my cake!
Parker was thinking about it, but has a little more self-control
than his baby sister! :)

Thanksgiving Day in Ardmore. This picture makes me
laugh because Chris is so not a cowboy!

My sweet family at Dickens of a Christmas. You can tell
how thrilled they are to be taking a picture.
This picture is in memory of Reese's adorable black and
white bow....this was the first and last time she wore it!
All that hard work...

Reese and her mommy

Sweet baby girl

Christmas in Greenville

Christmas morning in our matching jammies and SNOW!!!

Parker and I sledding on Christmas morning. What a treat!
We are sliding on the top of his turtle that's
Texas-style sledding!

Beautiful lake and chapel behind the hill we were sledding down.

Parker helping Mimi decorate her Christmas tree.

Reese and her daddy....She LOVES her daddy!

Not sure what Parker is doing here. Either rolling around
or trying to get up!

Chris and my brothers building a 7 foot snowman
the day after Oklahoma! Crazy!

My wonderful family. They are the best!

Chris and Parker

Leo isn't quite sure what to think about the snow.

I think he's part bear. He would rather hibernate
in the winter. I'm with you, Leo.

My sweet family.

Parker LOVES his baby sister. Lately,
she has given him a quota on the number
of hugs. She knows exactly what she
wants...she's all female!

I LOVE taking pictures in the snow. I wish I could have
taken advantage of it more. Who knows when it will be back!
Hopefully not this year, though! I'm ready for some sunshine!

My little ham

My other little ham...sporting her OU cheerleading uniform.
Boomer Sooner!

Reese is wanting me to let Leo in. She loves her "dog-dog!"

This means cracker!

Sunday (sometimes Monday) attire for the Reynolds boys.
We love football!

Wait, shouldn't this be the other way around??

I love this little guy so much! He is such a sweet and caring
boy. I am so very proud that he is my son.

Reese loves to "weeeee!" That's what she calls
it because she hears me say that every time she
swings. So cute!

She always wants to be
matter what the weather is. I can't wait
to spend endless days this summer and
spring outside with her. She's such a
precious and kind-hearted little girl!

Slow down baby girl is growing up way too fast.

Hopefully, I will be better at posting pictures and not wait until 7 months later. I'm always one season behind, so maybe spring pics will be on here by summer. I make no promises though. I hope you enjoy viewing our memories. We sure did enjoy making them.