Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is officially here...heat and all!

WARNING - Very long post! (It actually took me a week to finish loading all the pictures and type! So some of the information below is already old news. I am actually publishing this on July 2nd!)

I am going to make an attempt at catching up on previous posts not made. Since I have many pictures from various occasions ranging from Easter and Mother's Day to many milestones for Reese, I want to add those in here. Hopefully I will be better the rest of the summer at adding pictures as I take them! (Yeah right, but it's a good goal!)  

I am teaching VBS right now at our church. Parker is having a great time singing and learning more about Jesus! Reese, on the other hand, is developing into her own little person right now. She isn't so thrilled about being left with strangers and playing by herself, as opposed to being held the entire time. Today they told me, "She is fine as long as someone is playing with her or holding her." Ha! That is definitely NOT breaking news for me. I have spent the past 2 weeks trying to get her to play with her toys on the floor or in her bouncer. She will have none of that, but we are going to keep working on it. Don't get me wrong, she is a precious and very sweet baby, but she demands constant attention. Such a little lady already!

I am so thrilled to be home with my kiddos right now though. This time in their life will pass so quickly and I want to spend every possible minute with them, which is why it's been so hard for me to break away to post pictures and such. I would rather look back on the summer and think about all the wonderful times we shared, instead of what an awesome blog I have. (I have reinforcement right now....Mimi just got here from Oklahoma and they are so excited to see her!)

Anyways, I am going to add pictures/events below that happened during the months of March, April, May and June.

Sorry about the novel, I really want to fill in the blanks so I can make this into a book for my kiddos later!


Reese is 6 months old! She is starting to roll over and sit up. She  is still very wobbly and depends on her arms to help her balance, but we say that counts! 

First time sitting up in her bed.

Had to show off her adorable pink and brown.

Playing peek-a-boo with her brother. He is 
always trying to find ways to entertain her 
and make her smile. She will laugh at her 
Bubba like no one else!

The kiddos with their Mimi.

Parker and Reese with Grandad.

Easter - It was freezing cold this year, and rainy, so we hid eggs in Nana's house. You never know what the weather will be like for Easter. The kids looked adorable and Parker had a great time despite the rain.


Reese is 7 months old! Her very first tooth popped through on Mother's Day! What a great present for her Mommy! :) It was a bottom tooth and was joined two days later by its neighboring tooth! Two little teeth on the cute.

Reese is rolling all over the place. She loves, loves her big brother! :) Her face lights up anytime he walks into the room. It's so wonderful to see admiration towards each other....I pray it will last, but know that the pre-teen/teen years are inevitable.

Parker is ending his first year of preschool. He has had a great year and will miss his teachers and friends. It's amazing the things a three-year-old knows. This child never ceases to amaze me. :)

Mother's Day with my two precious darlings.
It is such an honor to be their mommy!

I love this pink hat on Reese! She knows she 
looks cute in it because she laughs and looks
around every time she wears it!

Reese's first time to wear a swim suit.

Parker and Hunter riding Cimarron with 
Uncle JJ at Grandad's.

Parker and his buddy, Grant playing in the pool.


Mom is officially out of school for the summer!! I am so, so excited about spending time with my two precious little ones.

Reese turned 8 months old while we were on vacation in San Antonio. We stayed in Boerne with my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Tom. They were very generous and gracious hosts. It was very hard to leave. Parker also got to spend time with his cousins, McCoy, Hudson, Ainsley and Addison. He had never met them before and had a blast! I can't wait to get them all together again.

Reese is saying and waving bye-bye. Not necessarily in context, but she will imitate me. She is also rocking back and forth on her news. Before we know it, she will be crawling around getting into everything! I just think I am busy now.

Hudson, Parker and McCoy in their jammies!

McCoy and Parker sucking up their juice boxes!

Parker and McCoy. This picture is just too 

McCoy, Parker and Hudson

Parker and McCoy

Aunt Cathy and Parker. As you can see, Parker 
was not pleased that we were leaving.

Aunt Cathy and Uncle Tommy. 
Thank you for sharing your home 
with us! :)

Reese, looking all grown up!

Sweet Parker Pie

Here are some pictures from Sea World.  
Parker's favorite were the dolphins and 
the Shamu show.

Daddy, Parker and Reese cooling 
off in the aquarium.

Parker feeding the dolphins.

This same dolphin kept playing 
peek-a-boo with Parker. Every 
time he would turn around, the 
dolphin would go back in the water.

The family (minus Reese). 
She was snoozing in her stoller.

Parker with Shamu

These pictures were taken in Boerne. You will see that there aren't a lot of Parker, but that's because we were right by a swimming pool and he wanted to swim and play with his cousins.

I have many new pictures to add from our last trip to the lake, but I will add them with 4th of July pictures.